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“Peter, Do You Love Me?”

Peter, Do You Love Me?
Courtesy: GNN International

During this time in history, after his death and resurrection, and before he ascended, Yeshua (Jesus) appeared to the disciples three times (John 21:14).

Just before the third time, John records that Peter went back to fishing (John 21:3).

To the casual reader, it may have appeared that he was just going back to fishing for the day. But there was something deeper going on in Peter’s heart. Read more

NEW! The 70-Week Gospel Timeline Chart

70 Week Ministry 010

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The chart, previously available only as part of a package set, details every week of Yeshua’s 70-week ministry — from the day John mikveh-ed (baptised) him in water to the day that he baptized his disciples with the Holy Spirit at Shavuot (Pentecost) exactly 490 days later. Read more