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How To Use The Chronological Gospels Timeline Chart

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Right now, you can download a FREE on-screen-only copy of The Chronological Gospels Timeline Chart here (you’ll also get a $20 coupon code to buy The Chronological Gospels Bible).

You can also buy a hard copy of it here.

Having this amazing chart that details Yeshua’s (Jesus’) 70-week ministry is one thing, but using it can be a bit complicated if you’re not used to it.

Here’s how to do it… Read more

How Yeshua Broke The Rules

Yeshua in the synagogue

Yeshua (Jesus) has often been portrayed as a rule breaker. But is that really true?

Yes and no.

If he broke the Law of God, that is, the commandments, he could not have been the Messiah because the Messiah is sinless, and sin (by definition) is lawlessness — breaking the commandments. (1 John 3:4) Read more