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Adar Bet: Scripture’s Perfect Timing

13th - 4027
13th – 4027

The 70 weeks of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) ministry are a perfect fulfillment of prophecy (Daniel chapter 9) for one very special reason: Adar Bet.

Adar Bet is the name given to a 13th month on the ancient Hebrew calendar that occurs about every three years.

The month preceding it is simply called Adar and the word “bet” is the name of the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The word “bet” also represents the Hebrew number “2”.

Thus, Adar Bet literally means “the month of Adar, part 2.”

The year during which the Messiah completed most of his ministry was a year during which an Adar Bet month occurred.

In fact, without this 13th month, his ministry would not have totaled 70 weeks from the day of his water baptism to the day that he baptized his followers with the “fire” of his spirit at Shavuot (Pentecost).

Determining whether it is necessary to add an Adar Bet month depends on the state of the barley crop in Israel.

If the barley is not ripe (“aviv” means ripe in Hebrew) by the end of the month of Adar, a second  month of Adar (Adar Bet) is added to the calendar to give the barley time to mature.


Because the next month is called “Aviv” during which the Spring Feasts of the LORD occur.

During these feasts, there is a requirement for a “firstfruits” offering consisting of the first barley harvest of the year.

So, if the barley is not ready, the Feast cannot take place as commanded. Therefore, an extra month is added to ensure that the barley can be ready for the Feast the following month (Aviv).

This year on the biblical calendar is an Adar Bet year — in other words, this year is playing out exactly as it did during the year when our Messiah was crucified and resurrected!

In fact, we are currently in the month of Adar Bet (essentially, the month of March 2014).


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