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Divorce – What Did The Messiah Say?

Courtesy: The Gospel of Matthew, GNN International
Courtesy: GNN International

Right before his crucifixion, Yeshua (Jesus) was traveling the Galilee one last time. He knew that he would soon be laying down his life for us at Passover.

As you can imagine, he would have been imparting crucial teachings to his followers — this was his last chance, if you will, to really hammer home the important topics.

One of those topics was divorce.

Matthew (19:1-12) and Mark (10:1-12) both record the Pharisees tempting Yeshua on this topic, saying “Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for any cause?”

Yeshua responds by telling them to read the Torah (the books of Moses) about these matters, to which they reply, “Moses allowed us to give a bill of divorcement…”

Then comes the crux of the matter. He explains that the permission was granted only because of the hardness of the people’s hearts.

Yeshua goes on to explain that it was the Almighty’s intention that a man and a woman should remain together for life except in the case of adultery.

Why is adultery the ultimate deal-breaker?

Because choosing to engage in adultery with another person breaks the covenant of becoming “one flesh” with your spouse.

In other words you (man) have “put asunder” what Almighty has put “together”, as Yeshua puts it (Mark 10:9).

The Gospels record that this subject comes up three times between Yeshua and the Pharisees.

On two occasions, the Pharisees challenge Yeshua on the subject; in this instance, he turns the tables on them.

The subject comes up relatively often in the Gospels because divorce was a  contentious debate in Pharisee circles.

As they did with many other subjects, the Pharisees invented ways to get around the commandments in the Torah concerning adultery, refusing to take care of their first wives out of convenience.

But as Yeshua clarified, the Almighty’s instructions for our lives are centered on covenant… not convenience.

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