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Are You A Doubting Thomas?


This week, on Shabbat, marks the day that Thomas put his hands into the wounds of our risen Messiah (event #241 in The Chronological Gospels, page 271).

Can you imagine?!

Thomas, of course, believed at that point… some, however, still doubted — have you ever been like that?

God’s promises are true, but our human nature gets in the way of believing them.

Consider the Israelites.

After being spared from 10 plagues that affected everyone else around them…

…being rescued from the Egyptian army by fire from heaven…

walking across the Red Sea on dry ground while watching the Egyptians perish behind them…

…being fed in the wilderness every day by God himself…

…drinking from water that came bursting out of a rock in the desert…

…and hearing God’s own voice come thundering from above…

…they still didn’t believe that God could defeat the “giants” that dwelled in the land that was promised to them. And as a result, the promise was given to their children instead.

Was this the first biblical lesson in having “childlike” faith? Did the Israelite kids have more faith than their parents did? Is that why God gave the promised land to them instead of to their parents?

Fast forward to Gideon who puts out a fleece to see if God “really meant” what he asked him to do. Though Gideon doubted, God was patient and played along with Gideon’s requests for proof (Judges 6:36-40).

And then, of course, there’s Thomas the disciple. With the risen Savior standing in front of him, he still can’t believe it.

Did he think it was it too good to be true? Was his human intellect getting in the way of childlike faith to believe that Yeshua would do actually what he said he would?

Though Yeshua was surely disappointed in him, he invites Thomas to touch his hands and his sides to help him believe, saying, “Press your finger in here – look, here are my wrists. Reach your hand in here and thrust it into my side. Be not faithless, but believe!” (John 20:27)

It is almost humorous that Yeshua asked Thomas do to these things, since Thomas himself had uttered (just one week prior) that he would not believe unless he put his hands on the nail marks and into Yeshua’s side. (John 20:25)


Have you ever uttered words to God like, “Unless you do ‘X’, I won’t believe it”?

If so, be prepared and keep your spiritual eyes open. He’s done it before… and he just might do it again for you!