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It’s Not Palm Sunday!

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On this day in history, the 10th day of the first month on the Hebrew calendar (aka Aviv or Nisan), Yeshua (Jesus) rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Typically, this is what many Christian churches celebrate as “Palm Sunday.”

The motive is right, but there’s so much more to “the triumphal entry” than most people understand. Read more

What they’re saying about it…

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Jesus’ Ministry Was Just 70 Weeks!

Biblical historian, author, and broadcaster Michael Rood has released a compilation of his life’s work, a chronological account of the life of Jesus, which he says proves that Jesus’ ministry was not three-and-a-half years, but just 70 weeks.

Using each event in Jesus’ ministry as a marker in time to re-arrange the biblical Gospels into a week-by-week account, Rood’s book, The Chronological Gospels, provides compelling verification for his claim — the master key to which is the “feeding of the 5,000”, the only one of Jesus’ miracles that is recorded in all four Gospels. Read more

The Four Gospels


The Gospel of Matthew introduces the Messiah as the King from Heaven as he lays down the rules of the Kingdom over which he will reign forever.


The Gospel of Mark introduces the Messiah as a servant. No lineage. No fanfare. He is just doing the mission that he was sent to accomplish.

Immediately, straightway, and forthwith are words Mark chooses to typify Yeshua’s (Jesus’) actions. There is no grass growing under his feet. He has exactly seventy weeks – 490 days – to complete his mission, or all is lost.   Read more