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The Four Gospels


The Gospel of Matthew introduces the Messiah as the King from Heaven as he lays down the rules of the Kingdom over which he will reign forever.


The Gospel of Mark introduces the Messiah as a servant. No lineage. No fanfare. He is just doing the mission that he was sent to accomplish.

Immediately, straightway, and forthwith are words Mark chooses to typify Yeshua’s (Jesus’) actions. There is no grass growing under his feet. He has exactly seventy weeks – 490 days – to complete his mission, or all is lost.  


The Gospel of Luke introduces the Messiah as our example – the Son of Man, who demonstrates how to live the rules of the Kingdom.


The Gospel of John introduces the Messiah as the incarnation of the eternal Word by whom, through whom, and for whom all things in the physical universe were created. That Word became flesh and dwelt among us as The Prophet of whom Moses prophesied. John reveals him as the one to purge the blood and wash away the filth of his people by the blood of the innocent lamb – the sinless Son of the Most High.