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TCG Essentials Package

“’The Chronological Gospels’ clarifies, clears up, puts right, and gives you a clearer understanding of the historical and prophetic times of Yeshua’s ministry according to a foundational biblical calendar that puts the Nicean Council to shame.”
~ Truth4IsraelNZ

“Truth seekers, The Chronological Gospels is a MUST HAVE!”
~ Mario P Salerno

“Absolutely without a doubt, one of the greatest publications of all time. The words just jump off the page like I have never read before. The Chronological Gospels closely knits together a lifetime of study. A true blessing!”
~ Dan Whiting

“I just received my copy and I am so excited. This book is pulling it altogether to help me understand the Gospels with more clarity!”
~ Tama Shepard

“I have my iBooks verson – loving it!”
~ Kylie Wass

“The Chronological Gospels took me back in time to Yeshua’s ministry in High Definition 3D to know his day-by-day works and answers to questions that would never have been brought up. A true blessing! Thank you Michael Rood and the Rood Crew – faithful servants of the Most High God.”
~ Michael Molinar

“The Chronological Gospels is an excellent work that clarifies so many aspects of the ministry of Yeshua.”
~ Stephen Koehn

“Michael Rood has a great resource available. I highly recommend it.”
~ The Berean (via Twitter)

“Got mine last week, information just in the introduction is priceless. It’s the game changer, truth.”
~ Joe Lyles

“The Chronological Gospels is a must read. Thank you, Michael Rood!”
~ Marie Mondor Lundblad

“You absolutely MUST get your hands on this publication. It will forever change your understanding of the Gospels & change your life!”
~ Rodney Montray

“I received The Chronological Gospels at the Sukkot 2013 A Rood Awakening! Conference here in Denver and since then, I’ve had trouble putting it down. I have to force myself to put it down so that I can go to bed so that I can get up the next morning to go to work and then I take it with me to work the next day so that I can read it anytime I have a free moment.

It’s such an eye opener that I had to purchase a 10 pack along with a 10 pack of Truth & Tradition DVDs to pass on to friends and family. I just can’t let this information slip through my fingers without sharing it with people. The best thing about The Chronological Gospels is that I don’t have to take your word for it. You list exactly where you got this information from so that I can research the supporting proof for myself and, I actually feel encouraged to be a Berean rather than just taking your word for because you say so.

Thank you for your 40 years of hard work to get this out in time to share it before things really get bad in the not so distant future. Having more information on what to really expect provides peace of mind despite how horrible things are going be. Having a much better understanding of Yeshua’s life and ministry is such a blessing. Please never stop working hard to get out the truth. No matter what! Thank you Michael, and Yah bless you, your crew, and your ministry.”
~ Matt Weimer

“The Chronological Gospels: The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah presents an opportunity to read the Gospels and the teachings of Yeshua in the order in which they transpired and in a fresh Hebraic context, returning life and passion to the words on the page. The Chronological Gospels solves many of the problems that stem from Western gentile misunderstandings of the language, land, and culture of the ancient Hebrew Scriptures. This is the paradigm shift for which you have been waiting an entire lifetime.”
~ Celestre911 (via iTunes)

“The Chronological Gospels by Michael Rood is easily the best book ever written ABOUT the best book ever written!

Broken up into a chronological sequence of “events”, every time the narrative of the gospels shift in time and space, you are reading a new event.

Michael gives expounding notes between the events which strongly reinforce a Hebraic mindset & world view for the reader, which often lead to sayings like “So THAT’S why that was important enough for the writer to document it!” out loud.

Michael changes a few statements in the KJV, and dubs it “Corrected king james Version”, such as referring to “a feast of the Jews” as “Shavuot, a Feast of YHVH”, and capitalizing each feasts name, as well as the Sabbath. These are welcomed changes to those of us who live by every word from the mouth of our Creator, and honor His wishes that we cherish and give his Mo’ed (feasts) and Shabbat the respect they deserve.

These few sentences could hardly do Michael Rood’s life-work justice, but what I can do is highly recommend this book to anyone who ever wanted to go through the spiritual boot camp along with the disciples under the Teacher of teachers, Yeshua.

I would have preferred the physical book over reading on an iPhone, but for the price difference, the iBooks version works just fine.

Take this humble advice, and read the best book ever written ABOUT the best book ever written!”
~ Phiosophia (via iTunes)

“Professional, easy reading — as in “easy”, “understandable”, “6th-grader in parochial school.” I was struck dumb about the Messiahs 3+ year ministry. I was looking for 3 different Passovers, any mile markers. I counted on my fingers; figuring I had counted wrong. I counted again. I was unable to make any sense out of the three mornings and evenings in the grave. The spirit had not taken strict watch here. Knowledge was not being poured out, yet. The smooth flow of the ministry of the only begotten Son of the living Almighty was not there! I knew I had to wait as the day draws nearer, then knowledge will increase.”
~ Ron Derogatis

“Rarely does a book come along whose impact is life changing. Yet there is one in print today and it goes by the title: The Chronological Gospels: The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah. Why life changing? Life changing because finally all of the questions regarding the ministry of Jesus Christ (also known as Yeshua) have been answered with scholar-level precision. And when I say scholar, I’m not talking about a boring, stale, stiff tome that is common to most scholarly works. Michael Rood takes the reader on a personal journey, back to the first century AD, where we can actually understand what life was like during that time. The Gospels are no longer mysteries once one actually devotes the time to studying this book. And I do mean, this is a work that must be studied and re-read as needed in order to receive the full body of the message.

I was privileged to have spoken to Michael Rood regarding this work. I had doubts as to the veracity of the dates and sequencing of events in his accounting of the events of the Messiah’s ministry. By the end of our brief conversation, I had no doubt that Mr. Rood knew what he was talking and writing about. I won’t bore you with the particulars of our conversations, but suffice to say, Mr. Rood spared no expense and effort to bring this book online. Every statement that is made and every event that is documented is backed up by research and in many cases, boots on the ground (i.e., in Israel and the cities being documented) confirmed times for travel, astronomers confirmed dates and the status of the moon and astronomical events, and the like.

All I can say is: if you are a Bible truth seeker, one who prefers to find out the facts on their own and not be spoon-fed by a man behind a pedestal, get this Bible today! I guarantee it will change your perceptions of the Gospel and the Man, Jesus Christ. Now, if Michael Rood would just start work on an expounding of the Torah, that would be awesome! Just saying. Be well.”
~ Rodney Thomas

“This is a great resource for anyone interested in Yeshua Messiah’s ministry. The astronomical calculations, historical footnotes, and general layout are superb. Rood’s lifework is a must-read for every believer and non-believer alike. The historical Yeshua meets the biblical Messiah — and they are revealed to be one and the same. If you’ve ever had trouble keeping track of the Messiah’s ministry, this book is for you. If you’ve ever been fed up with Church-ianity, this book is for you. If you want clarification of tough scripture, get this book!”
~ Jacob Rigal

“The book is written from a Jewish prospective and cleared up questions I always had about the life of Yehshua.”
~ Lawrence P. Johnson

“Eye opening! Highly recommend getting the hardcover. This is definitely study material and you will want to be able to jump around the pages easily. Sure wish I could purchase a hardcover and get an e-book for half price or something. But the information in here is phenomenal.”
~ 1st Time Mom (via

“Love The Chronological Gospels! This book provides tremendous and most valuable information right at your fingertips. It is great resource for my biblical studies.”
~ Maryann R. Lombardi

“Great for new or well-studied Christians! Well done with tons of incite! Understand the Bible better than you ever have before. Helps to understand link between Old Testament and New Testament.”
~ K. Kerguson

“Clarifies the gospel. Author worked from a lifetime of experience and study. Clarifies many things I was not clear on after reading the four Gospels. Lots of extra information and time lines.”
~ James Ware

“Rood is right on! Rev Rood is sometimes very rude, but he does know the entire Bible extremely well. He spent many years compiling this work of the Gospels and I am learning through reading it. Every Christian needs to own a copy either digital or on paper.”
~ Ellyn M. Renken

“What a gift! It can’t get any better – finally the Gospels are free from confusion and those added dots and tittles! Thanks Michael!”
~ Suze (via

“This book is amazing! Worth every penny and then some. When I first heard Michael Rood claim that Jesus’ ministry was only 70 weeks (490 days) long instead of 3.5 years long, I didn’t believe it. But I checked it out online and found that the 3.5-year ministry idea was based on only two verses, one of which (John 6:4) was not in the earliest copies of the gospel of John, and the other mentions an unnamed feast that the 3.5-year folks say was a Passover, even though it should be Shavuot (Pentecost). To test further, my daughter and I went through the gospel of John following his many time clues to see if we could calculate the length of Jesus’ ministry and we calculated 450 days, so we were short by 40 days. Then my daughter called me to say, “We left out the 40 days in the wilderness!” That brought us up to 490 days exactly. After that, I bought Michael Rood’s book. The exact chronology is only the beginning of the amazing insights and information in the Chronological Gospels. So I repeat: This book is amazing!”
~ Constance Murphy

“A great inspired work of the life and ministry of Yeshua the Messiah! It is the most thoroughly studied and accurately represented chronological gospel on the planet. After a 30-year effort, Michael J. Rood has come up with a truly inspired work. He has brought the 70-week ministry of the Messiah into clear focus. Because of the precise dating and positioning of events chronicled in this work, a clear picture of events unfolds. With the aid of the NASA lunar data and a complete understanding of the Aviv barley maturation, the precise dating of events has been become possible. Through the comparison of historical records with astronomical data and an understanding of the scribal blunders of the past, Michael has clarified many erroneous additions, subtractions, and deletions deliberately used by the scribes to alter the historical record and promote “another gospel”. Michael ‘s work does great justice to the true gospel of the Messiah Yeshua.”
~ Michael J. Forys

“Great research on an important topic! Michael Rood has exhaustively researched a topic that has been misunderstood by the church since the fourth century. Prior to that, early church fathers recognized that the ministry of Y’shua lasted about a year and a half. In the fourth century however, Constantine’s obsequious brown-noser and biographer, Eusebius, was the first to suggest that Y’shua’s ministry lasted three-and-a-half years. Rood shows that Scripture indicates otherwise and establishes that the 70-week ministry of Messiah was a precise fulfillment of the prophecies of Daniel. Moreover, Messiah’s 70-week ministry lasted a little more that one complete cycle of Yahweh’s Moedim which were set out in Leviticus 23, over a thousand years before the incarnation. The church, which is for the most part ignorant of these Feasts of the LORD and their prophetic significance, has no appreciation for the fact that Y’shua has already fulfilled the Spring Feasts and will soon fulfill the prophetic significance of the Fall Feasts. Anyone who is awaiting Y’shua’s return needs to get a copy of this book!”
~ James Brown

“A phenomenal work! A work by the Apostles of Yeshua (Jesus), and translated and put into the correct chronological order so that we may understand better the events written of. Michael Rood, himself a scholar was had access to a recently discovered copy of Matthew which was written in Hebrew, not translated into Greek, which cleared up may things. The Chronological Gospels should be studied by all seekers of truth and understanding.”
~ Charles E. Nester

“What we think of Jesus has been shaped by our individual culture and even deliberately obscured. We have not had a clear picture of who He was; and why He did what He did, until now.

Michael Rood has reconstructed an accurate timeline that was broken with the many changes to our calendar, and repaired the (verifiably) known errors and omissions found in the KJV, which brings the “who, what, where, when, why and how” together for the reader.

He has pieced together the letters of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John for “a day in the life of Yeshua”, while expounding in the footnotes and introductory paragraphs with the timing of the events revolving around the Spring and Fall Feasts Days, and the political/cultural information of the times that allow the reader to see the life of the Messiah in a whole different light.

This book is significant because it provides the reader with an accurate historical picture of the events in the life of the Messiah. Whether you are Christian Protestant, Christian Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, or a New-Ager who thinks Jesus went to the East during the “lost years” – even Atheist, please get this book. If you don’t believe, at least you will have facts to debate.

Also, ministers, pastors, preachers, and teachers should make certain what they are teaching their flock is accurate. If you are a sheep in the flock, you need to make sure what you are being taught is the truth. Incorporate this into your daily reading, or even a weekly Bible study group. Find out what you have been missing!”
~ Tracy (via

“Great! Best book I’ve ever read. Most well thought out and thorough chronology of the Gospels I’ve ever read. It combines the historical and cultural information you need to understand the real meaning.”
~ Jonathan Lorquet

“Eye opening! The Chronological Gospels gives a clear and detailed timeline of Yeshua’s (Jesus) day-to-day journey as he ministered on the Earth. This is an eye-opener for believers who have been taught that “Jesus had a 3 1/2 year ministry”. Michael’s use of the original Hebrew names puts the reader in the right time frame and geological location, removing the reader from the 21st century or modern day thinking. This book is a must have for your library; every minister of the gospel should have this; every believer should have this.”
~ Shonda Spears

“I have been waiting to read this amazing work it seems like forever. I love the Kindle format to carry with me wherever I go to read whenever I can. Looking forward to the included future updates! This book is giving greater depth and understanding to my study of the Scriptures than I ever thought possible! Thank you, Michael Rood.”
~ Leahsmimi (via

“One of the best purchases I ever made! I could hardly wait for my copy of The Chronological Gospels to arrive. When it did I gave a happy squeal! It is everything I had hoped for and more than I thought it would be. If you want to truly understand the gospels and the time in which Jesus lived you need to get this book. I am hoping to get more copies for my family.”
~ Tryhealth (via

“A quality volume! Not only are Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, included in chronological order, but also “The Acts of the Apostles” and “The Revelation of Yeshua Messiah. The volume itself has a quality binding. The content is well organized and thorough. Well thought out notes, charts, and timelines. The event in scripture are organized and numbered in order of occurrence, and tied to “The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Calendar”. A good investment for understanding “The Gospel of the Kingdom” through Yeshua Messiah.”
~ Herbert (via

“I can only describe this book as a treasure for its time. The gospels have been lovingly and painstakingly put in order of events with the witness accounts and also prophetical significance. This is a truth seekers dream come true.”
~ Paul McEvoy

“The amazing truth of God’s Word! I have taken many courses in Jewish studies to learn about the Jewish roots of my Christian faith. So many blessings of our Jewish roots are missing today in the churches. I have received Michael Rood’s book, The Chronological Gospels and I cannot put this amazing book down! There is even more information, besides what I have learned in “all” the classes that I have taken through the years. You will not be disappointed in this book. We as Christians deserve to know the truth of our faith! Thank you Michael, and to everyone for your years of hard work in making this book possible. It will be a treasured book to add to my collection of biblical studies.”
~ Robin (via

“I am absolutely loving it! In college I took a course on the Gospels. The book we used had the Gospels side by side so you could easily see how Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote about the same happenings in the life of Jesus. In this edition you can read what Matthew writes, then go on to Mark, then to Luke and then to John if he covers that even and it goes a step further, indicating when in Yeshua’s life each event happened – with side notes included. It has been such a blessing to me that I went a step further and ordered the hard copy also.”
~ Anne Wiser

“Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts and the Revelationswritten in chronological order, simultaneously as the verses coincide with each other. We feel fortunate that we were able to obtain an original manuscript copy from the first printing. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to Michael Rood. We look forward to buying copies for our children and family members. His works are so very enlightening! We could only hope and pray that Michael lives long enough to do the entire Bible.

So many questions answered in a way that makes sense, not in a way that leaves more questions upon questions when asked in the past of our religious leaders. Also questions answered that you never knew you had. For example: How do you get 3 days and 3 nights between good Friday and Easter Sunday? What were those stone water pots originally used for, prior to Yeshua turning water into wine, within them? We never knew that our Savior had such a great sense of humor! All and much more thoroughly explained and placed on what we believe to be an accurate timeline. We recommend that people watch on TV, buy, borrow etc, anything and everything they can get their hands on done by Michael Rood.

We have not felt that one minute or one dollar was ever wasted on his works. It would be nice if Amazon would pick up all of his works, as they would become much more accessible to the public and probably less expensive. Nevertheless, we recommend this book in any form, and any of his other works. Be sure to search for them! We recommend the “Jonah Code”, to start!”
~ TessandJim (via

“Given the assorted and contrasting clerical standpoints of “ministers/pastors” that are available, and I’ve listened to a lot of them, I have yet to see a man with more untiring spirit for Yahovah than Michael Rood. His seasoned sense of crucial detail, his patient consideration for his fellow believers—not, by the way, lacking any peppery saltiness—is what makes this encounter the spice of life! His dedication is contagious!

This man is fiery and passionate to a fault. So captivated by his fascination with his Lord, he never tires of explaining the subtle and various shades of meaning that express the tone of each and every biblical account. His knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and the ancient records working along side rabbinic sages, Biblical astronomers and Hebrew scholars in the land of Israel, has transpired into a work that stands alone in its matchless authenticity and uniqueness.

I attended the opening seminar in Dallas, December 2012 that introduced the long awaited manuscript version of The Chronological Gospels and received the unmistakable signature work of Michael Rood.

When Michael Rood states that this Bible has been a labor of love, the reader can readily comprehend the many years of the in-depth mind-boggling detail that he has brought to well-defined fruition. This manuscript recounts specific charted table of events, expressing with mathematical exactitude that corresponds to ancient calendar timelines.

Shattering the enigmatic skepticism that for centuries had plagued the Sacred Writ, he brings to the narrative an accuracy that departs to the fortunate reader an up close and enthralling encounter with the true Gospel. Clarifying with microscopic detail he expounds on the effect of the changing features that the Lord’s ministry had on the men and women of that era.

The biblical parables and vignettes that have been misconstrued, twisted, and distorted over the centuries, he has gathered into a transparent and focused view showing the many characteristics of the Greek, Hebrew and Roman cultures that culminate in the Gospels that fit together like a hand and glove! Suddenly, it all makes sense!

Michael Rood has taught me more in one hour than 60+ years of frustration trying to get to know my Lord and Savior. And yes, I would say, definitely get this book! It is life changing! To God be the Glory!”
~ YRR (via

“Questions answered! The Chronological Gospels is providing answers to questions that I didn’t even realize that I had. Michael Rood, based on his years of work and study, has assembled, in The Chronological Gospels, a volume that brings fresh revelation; context; and meaning to the Gospels of Yeshua Messiah. I highly recommend this book. I believe that you will have more than one “aha moment” as you see the Gospels in a brand new light.”
~ Dale (via

“Chronological Gospels is an awesome, awesome book! God is great and we all should give the glory to him and him only. Praise God.”
~ Cookie408 (via