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How To Use The Chronological Gospels Timeline Chart

Event 55

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Having this amazing chart that details Yeshua’s (Jesus’) 70-week ministry is one thing, but using it can be a bit complicated if you’re not used to it.

Here’s how to do it…

Let’s say you want to know exactly what happened this week in history during Yeshua’s ministry.

First, you need to find out what today’s date correlates with on the Ancient Hebrew calendar – click here to see it online.

Let’s use Thursday, June 19, 2014 (today) as an example.

If you look on the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar (developed by Michael Rood, the author of The Chronological Gospels), June 19, 2014 correlates with the 20th day of Sivan, the third month on the Hebrew calendar.

We can now go to our 70-Week Timeline Chart to see where this day falls in the 70-week timeline of Yeshua’s ministry – the section of the timeline we need is shown below.

Event 55

Note the circled area; this represents today’s date, the 20th day of Sivan:

  • The large number in the middle of the chart denotes the month number. In this case, the number 3 tells us we’re in the third month (Sivan).
  • The the first row of numbers below the large month number represents the day of the month (the 20th is circled).
  • The second row of numbers below the large month number represents the day of month on the Roman calendar in the year that the event happened. In this case, June 14 (27 CE).
  • The row of numbers above the the large month number represents the day of the week (“S” represents the Sabbath) and the consecutive week number of Yeshua’s ministry. In this case, the end of the 17th week of his 70-week ministry.
  • The notes above the rows of numbers summarize important events in the timeline.

Using this information, you can now read about what happened on this day in history in The Chronological Gospels Bible!

Just thumb through the Bible and look for the date noted on each event [in parentheses]. You’ll find that on the 20th day of the third month, event 56 occurred. This is when Yeshua heals a demon possessed man.

So, using the calendar, Bible, and chart together, we can determine with pinpoint accuracy that today was the day that:

  • Yeshua healed a demon possessed man…
  • On a Saturday (Sabbath)…
  • At the end of the 17th week of his ministry…
  • In the beginning of summer (3rd month / June)…
  • During the time that Yochanan ben Zecharyah (John the Baptist) was imprisoned…
  • And right after Yeshua had just healed a lame man.

When you can correlate the chronology of the Gospels, it really does bring more depth and detail to the story!


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